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♥ About Retreat Home ♥

Founded in 2004 by MD Sam Green, Retreat is a family-run business, with family values at its core – even the very concept of the company was brought about by the birth of Sam and Darren’s son Louis, and the desire to be able to put family at the heart of everyday life. Fourteen years later, the company – and the family – are both thriving. With an ever-growing, loyal and lovely customer base the company is going from strength to strength.

Retreat’s aim is to bring you, our wonderful customers, fantastic design and great quality at realistic prices, supported by first class customer care.

Bi-annual collections are designed to segue effortlessly into each other, offering all-important continuity as well as seasonal newness, and excellent customer after-sale service includes easy access to a fantastic library of images to accompany each new season.

Everything we do here at Retreat is done with you, our customer, in mind. Ranges are designed in-house by Sam, produced with care to strict ethical guidelines and delivered to you with love.

We hope you love what we do too.

Everything Sam designs for Retreat is handmade or hand finished that attention to detail ensures exquisite products made from natural resources in some instances in a traditional way. The artisans who are part of retreats extended family are so important, as it is their expertise who realise Sam's designs into something tangible and desirable.

On a recent trip to India Sam was thrilled to meet again some of our local artisans who hand carve mango wood into our lovely products. Mango wood is a truly sustainable hardwood, the wood is harvested after the fruit bearing lifespan of the tree is over. The trees grow very quickly and need to be replaced by farmers approximately every 7 years, the wood we use to make so much of our collection is a by product for fruit farmers.

At Retreat we understand that on occasion it is frustrating that we can't supply the item you would like more quickly, we are very lucky that demand out stripes supply and therefore we forward sell items to allow you to still reserve your favourites. We hope that how you can see the amount of care and workmanship which goes into each product, you will be happy to wait a little while.

It is equally important the the product is beautiful and the artisans are happy, Retreat as an extensive social accountability policy which ensures everyone associated with retreat is safe, well paid and happy. For more about our makers please click on "Meet the Makers" on the home page.

Thank you

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